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EI-Institute: The official and celebrated Salesforce training center.


EI-Institute is the official and celebrated Salesforce training center in France with over 3000 users, administrators, and developers trained since 2009.


EI-Institute provides the publisher’s official catalog through a strict control of technical and training skills of the trainers.


EI-Institute also develops its own training offers using Salesforce solutions (chat, Radian 6...).


EI-Institute always adapts to offer you the best of Salesforce training courses and, if you wish, it can support you until certification.


EI-Institute invites you to learn about the details of the training options, and make your pre-registration in all Salesforce training courses. One of our consultants will contact you to answer your questions, and guide you to the best training option for your profile, and activate your membership.


Depending on your needs and ambitions, EI-Institute can also arrange custom training courses designed for your company (tailor-made training, user training, and “one to one” training).


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