With Salesforce

Being Salesforce Partner since 2005 and the historical Training Center for Salesforce in France, EI-Technologies is in perfect position to guarantee the success of your project.


  • More than 150 implemented projects covering Salesforce major areas: SalesCloud (sales forces), ServiceCloud (Customer Care), CollaborationCloud (Enterprise Social Network) & Force.com (specific business solutions) with over 4,000 trained end users since 2009
  • EI-Technologies is the historical Salesforce Training Center in France
  • EI-Technologies has a Salesforce nearshore implementation platform located in Lebanon and Dubai
  • EI-Technologies has developed an internal expertise platform, accessed by our fifty Salesforce-specialized consultants who put all our skills at the service of our clients to ensure the success of their projects.


The EI-Technologies Salesforce implementation methodology is based on six principles:


  • Managing the project in line with its values and timeframes
  • Establishing a participatory and iterative approach built around visible steps and models during the project
  • Encouraging a design that is as close as possible to the solution standards
  • Integrating the solution into the rest of the Information System for a seamless approach
  • Providing expertise on best business practices and on the change management approach to be implemented.
  • Making its clients autonomous by the end of the project


With Sharepoint from Microsoft

SharePoint is the most widespread collaborative platform in the world; it representds nearly 30% of intranets market share in France.

  • EI-Technologies has built its SharePoint expertise through more than 10 years of experience in collaborative portals’ implementation including intranets, extranets, Electronic Document Management...

  • EI-Technologies integrates SharePoint into its clients’ information system and has completed a number of complex integration projects, notably the BIZTALK project.

  • EI-Technologies is not only involved in project management, but also in assisting clients in their needs assessment, review, business processes transformation, change management, training, and solution deployment.

  • EI-Technologies' activities include the design and implementation of collaborative portals using SharePoint (in hosted mode, Cloud), but also the development of .NET applications (Web, mobile, Azure RIA).

  • The EI-Technologies teams have developed know-how on corporate collaborative solutions deployment that covers the full portal project life cycle: technology consulting, portal development projects under SharePoint, integration into the Microsoft platform and the Company's information system and Third Party Application Maintenance.



With Alfresco

Ei-Technologies is a “GOLD System Integrator” since 2008. Alfresco is a reference in developing collaborative software with an excellent client satisfaction rate. 


  • More than 10 years of experience in open-source technologies (JEE, Spring, Lucene, Hibernate…).
  • A broad knowledge of the history of the solution and its publisher, with an early positioning (2008) and large proximity
  • A dedicated platform of expertise with a success rate of 100% in order to let our clients benefit from the totality of our skills and to guarantee the success of our projects.
  • Ei-technologies also has a nearshore implementation platform dedicated to Alfresco, in Lebanon


The methodology applied by Ei-Technologies for alfresco is based on 6 principles:


  • Managing projects by creating business value and respecting delivery time
  • Developing a participative and iterative strategy based on visible steps and models during the project
  • Favoring a design that is the closest to the standards of the solution
  • Integrating the solution into the rest of the information system for a seamless approach
  • Bringing strong knowledge of the best practices and change management strategy
  • Making our clients autonomous at the end of the project


With Java

Information System Directors are confronted with multiple challenges:


  • Reducing software acquisition and possession costs
  • Responding to business expectations in a faster and better way
  • Regaining power vis-à-vis publishers and ensure solution sustainability
  • Increasing the quality, transparency, and security of software solutions


Nowadays representing more than 30% of programs used on our smartphones, cars and enterprise applications, Open Source software is a concrete and mature solution:


  • No licence fees
  • New approach towards the everlasting duality of custom made development and the adaptation of software packages
  • Power of communities, which balances the approval tendencies of publishers
  • Standardization, which minimizes interface development
  • Availability of source code combined with peer review, which promotes the architectural excellence and alleviates the maintenance efforts


Our domains of intervention


  • Groupware, Content management and Portals (ECM, WCM, KM, DMS)
  • Architecture and expertise
  • Information System Urbanization /SOA(ESB, ETL, EAI)
  • Design and coordination of business processes (BPM, BPMN)
  • Agile Methodologies (Scrum, XP)
  • Custom software development (Java/JEE, Spring, Hibernate, GWT, …)


With Talend

EI-Technologiesis a Talend silver partner.

Talend is one of the leading open-source, pure-player publishers, offering a large set of middleware solutions that correspond to the data management and application integration requirements. In just a few ears, Talend became the recognized market leader in open source data management. The acquisition of Sopera in 2010, the leader in open-source application integration, reinforced the market coverage of Talend, making it the world leader in middleware open-source solutions.

Many enterprises in the world use Talend’s products and services in order to optimize the costs of integration, data quality, Master Data Management (MDM) and application integration. With an ever-increasing number of downloaded products and client base, Talend offers the most used and deployed data management solutions. Talend democratizes data management and enterprise application integration by making them accessible to all enterprises.


  • EI-Technologies develops inter-applicative flows, and, to industrialize the development and maintenance of those, the company opted for the use of ETL Talend.
  • A ready-to-use treatment connector Toolbox allows EI-Technologies to apply these tools with great effectiveness.
  • This solution is mostly applied to link Salesforce to the back-office of its clients. EI-Technologies earned a broad experience during many projects developed on paid or free versions of Talend, and noted a 50% gain in terms of average development time.
  • EI-Technologies also offers Talend trainings based on the needs of its clients.